Lead Homemaker - Full-time Days

Mozaic Senior Life
Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States
$15.69 - $17.44 USD hourly

The Lead Homemaker will work as a member of a household leadership team within each household. The lead homemaker is a blended role that performs and oversees some combined duties of Dining Services, Housekeeping and Laundry for their household.

The households at Mozaic Senior Life will each be led by a team consisting of a Household Coordinator (non-clinical leader), Clinical Nurse Leader (RN / LPN) and Lead Homemaker. These leadership teams will work to create home, community, family, and provide Residents with the highest quality of life and quality of care in a household model of care. Residents will be provided by a team of household staff working in an environment that supports their personal growth and job satisfaction.

Hours: Days, Full-time 37.5 6:30am-2:30pm


Collaborates with the household leadership team to oversee all aspects of household life to meet each Resident's individual preferences in the comfortable, clean and safe environment of their own household.

Work with other household leaders to provide guidance and support to all households at Jewish Senior Services serving on the Neighborhood Council. The Council plans, monitors and evaluates ongoing operations; determines necessary parameters within which households need to function, and serves as a communication/sounding board for information, questions and concerns of Residents, families and staff.

Conducts audits and is a resource for Lead Homemakers of multiple households to ensure regulatory requirements and best practice standards are met and followed (CDM)*.

Assist Residents with a true caring for the individual.

Exhibit a strong positive attitude toward JSS Mission, Vision and Core Values and customer service and have a genuine interest in individualized person first care and upholding the philosophy of home and community.

Understand, comply with and promote all rules and best practices regarding Resident rights.

Create community through maintaining home in the physical environment, maintaining a sense of welcoming through elimination of institutional barriers and enhancing relationships in the household. Personally welcome new Residents.

Promote meaningful relationships with Residents, families, visitors and regulators, always reflecting a professional appearance and attitude.

Promote Resident's well-being and satisfaction by supporting Resident-Centered Care. Developing and interpreting standards of care, guiding the interdisciplinary team as it establishes and implements the Resident's plan of care with the Resident and their family or responsible party and the household team. Attend and participate in Care Plans.

Keeps the overall function of the household running smoothly. Work with the HHC to ensure a neat, clean appearance to the house at all times through shared responsibility of the household team. Participates in action teams/ad hoc as required.

Maintaining a clean, safe, comfortable and functional environment by assessing the household for potential hazards, implementing practices utilizing appropriate techniques regarding sanitation, infection control, fire safety, disaster preparedness and emergency care, attending or assuring the household is represented on all appropriate councils of the community, investigating and reporting all incidents and accidents, observing the team for safe work habits and addressing observations.

Additional Duties:

Know Residents, their needs and preferences.

Ensure the preparation high quality food in accordance with all pertinent safety and health regulations, guidelines and standards.

Ensure that staff follow the menus and recipes correctly, making any necessary or requested substitutions appropriately.

Understand and be able to discuss and educate others on liberalized therapeutic diets and special food requirements and finds ways to make such modifications palatable and enjoyable.

Oversee taking inventory of, storing and ordering household grocery supplies. Maintain supply of all materials to meet Resident needs in the household.

Regularly elicit Residents' direction in choices of foods, menus, recipes and presentation.

Maintain equipment and cooking area to ensure safety and sanitation requirements are met; keep a clean, tidy and organized kitchen in compliance with all regulations; cleans when necessary; reports repair and maintenance needs appropriately.

Take temperatures of foods and equipment and maintains proper documentation for regulatory compliance.

Help to prepare and serve appropriate snacks and meals.

Assist Residents who are unable to eat without support (with proper training and certification) as appropriate.

Facilitate mealtime conversations and maintain a warm, pleasant atmosphere while Residents are eating.

Facilitate kitchen related activities for Residents; ensures that necessary supplies, equipment and utensils are available; organizes any necessary cleanup activities.

Consistently follow standard principles of sanitation and universal precautions to preserve food quality and prevent the transmission of food-borne illness.

Maintain clean spaces in the household, including resident rooms, household common spaces, as well as support spaces and equipment.

Ensure the accurate and timely competition of all required documentation including assessments, RAPS and MDS (CDM)*.

Support all aspects of the household environment, including pets, plants, children, visitors and guests, facilitating all planned and spontaneous needs and activities.

Coordinate with Household Leadership Team to resolve household issues and work together to ensure Resident needs are meet.

Serve on committees and teams as appointed or as desired.

Maintain confidentiality, as defined by HIPAA and Corporate Compliance.

Commitment to continuing education.

Professionally represent Mozaic Senior Life at all times, including being an ambassador of morale and employee relations.

Perform other duties as necessary.


Embracing and consistently demonstrating the following competencies, including:


-Critical Thinking Skills

-Taking the Initiative

-Learning and Teaching Person-Centered Philosophy

-Conflict Facilitation

-Interpersonal Sensitivity and Communication Skills

-Dementia Sensitivity

Ability to read, write and follow oral/written instructions, and provide feedback.

Ability to recognize changes in Resident status and convey changes to the nurse and/or Clinical Nurse Leader.

Completed or enrolled in an approved Certified Dietary Managers program (CDM)*.

Successful completion of ServSafe course and certification.

Successful completion of Dining Assistant Training course.

Knowledge of applicable federal, state, county and regulations.

Ability to recognize changes in Resident status and ability to convey changes to the nurse and/or Clinical Nurse Leader.

Genuine interest in geriatric care and the Residents of Jewish Senior Services.

Understanding, patience, tact in dealing with the chronically ill.

Professionally and positively represent Jewish Senior Services.

Good physical and mental health.

-Ability to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position.

-Possess sight/hearing senses or use prosthetics that will enable these senses to function adequately so that the requirements of the position can be fully met.

-Must function independently.

-May be necessary to assist in the evacuation of Residents during emergency situations.

-Extensive walking, standing, bending, reaching, lifting (50 lbs. Or more), pushing and pulling.